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This website is intended to give the interested viewer an understanding of the services offered by Travis Steelman. Most of the site is dedicated to my technical and professional interests. There is also some personal information sprinkled in for good measure. Hopefully it will provide a basic understanding of my abilities and demeanor, which could help you decide to hire me for your next IT project.


My foundation is as a developer in multiple languages and on many platforms, including, but not limited to, web applications, mobile, applications, and many others. I deliver high quality, clean, working code, on time and on budget. I am comfortable and have experience working on large or small scale projects. I am versed in many development tools like project management software, IDE's, version control software and much more.

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Backend Stack
PHP, Laravel, CodeIgnite, CakePHP
Node.js, Objective C, Swift
Java, Spring MVC
Perl, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic
Frontend Stack
React Native React JS
Angular 7.x, Angular JS
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
WordPress, WooCommerce
Magento, OpenCart
Xcart, OsCommerce, Shopify
Joomla, Drupal, Typo3


I have 20 plus years administering a wide range of computer networks. I have worked in team environments setting up complex networks, as well as configuring and maintaining servers on my own. I have experience in many versions and flavors of Linux, Unix, and Windows based operating systems combined with the many software packages that run on top of them. I'm competent in configuring routers most notably the Cisco PIX 501/ASA 5500.

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Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu)
Windows Server 20XX
Apache, nginx IIS, Tomcat, JBoss
MySQL, PostGres
MS SQL Server 20XX
MySQL WorkBench, pgAdmin,SSMS
Cloud Services
Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure


No matter how great of a mouse trap you build, you will never be able to sell it if you do not reach an audience that has a need for your product or service. I have worked for marketing firms and also helped many small businesses formulate and execute marketing plans of their own.  I have a great deal of experience in collecting and analyzing online traffic and other metrics to evaluate new opportunities and track the effectiveness of current marketing strategies.

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