Technology Stack:  Objective C

I took over the development of a Beta version of an existing iOS app called Visual Analytics Law Enforcement Toolkit or iVALET. It is designed to allow law enforcement and first responders access to real-time criminal, traffic, and civil incident data via a compatible iOS device.

iVALET had three main functions: (1) viewing of current real-time crime data, (2) reports and views of past crime data, (3) forecasting for future incidents. The main UI interface was built on top of the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

iVALET’s main view displays real-time crime data for a desired set of activities. The types of activities shown are configured in the settings sections of the app. For example you could set the view to only show criminal data or just specific crimes within the criminal data set. Each data point is represented by a pin on the map that can be expanded to access more information. The data is refreshed every 60 seconds if the app was running in the foreground.

iVALET’s reports and views of past crime data allows a users to look at historical data based on date ranges. The app has no internal storage so devices would be have to be connected to data networks to run historical reports or refresh real time data. The app also has a timeline feature that allows a user to watch a graphical representation of changing data points over a set period of time.

iVALET’s forecasting utilizes a temporal prediction algorithms to forecast future criminal, traffic and civil incident levels within a 95 percent confidence interval, meaning the estimates of the collected data could be reliably used to predict future behaviors or actions.