Technology Stack:  PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Jquery, BootStrap

I was the lead developer for a small team tasked with creating a subscription based web application to translate International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes from one version to another. The web app named ICDx Converter was needed due to the many versions of ICDs and the complexity of translating from one to another.

The ICDx Converter consisted of three main parts:  (1) user and subscription management, (2) ICD code lookups, (3) ICD code mappings. ICDx is a responsive web app and is required to work on mobile devices.

ICDx’s user and subscription management has a simple registration process that allows a user to register an account with an active email address. Once the email is confirmed the new user will be directed to a payment page to create a subscription. Users are separated into three categories: (1) admins, (2) customers/doctors (3) billers. Admins have access to import and manage ICD codes. Customers with an active subscription can search for codes. Billers can update subscription statuses but not manage codes.

ICDx’s code lookups allow authorized users to find ICD codes. The can enter a common medical ailment or part of an ICD code. From there the customer is asked a series of questions which will lead to the correct ICD code. It was particularly important for this user interface to be responsive as the majority of code searches are done from mobile devices.

ICDx’s code mappings are limited to the admin user type. Authorized users can create new generic codes and description. They then add questions and answers that will map to a specific code. Each question has a selections of answers that can link to new question and answers or to an ICD code. The depth of the question and answer mappings is unlimited.    

This project was successfully completed on time and with in budget. The software is now live and in daily use.